Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Compostable & Renewable: Susty Party



For party supplies, there’s a company out in Brooklyn, NY who offer stylish plates, cups and napkins. A plus, they are made in the USA! I first heard of Susty Party when I received an email from their publicist.. Later that night, I turned on Shark Tank and the two co-owners  Emily Doubilet and Jessica Holseywere on, trying to get a deal. They didn’t get a deal but I liked their concept.

According to their website, “The founders have been included in Forbes “30 Under 30” list in the food and wine category, and were also awarded the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur Award by the Hitachi Foundation for their innovative approach to environmental sustainability and commitment to creating jobs for the visually impaired.”

I am using their cups, napkins and plates to use for my daughter’s “Frozen” birthday party this coming weekend!



o   Susty Party has seven colorful collections and a variety of limited seasonal offerings.
o   Susty Party offers versatile patterns and styles that can be mixed and matched upon preference. Each color collection offers unique pattern schemes.  There are approximately 15 patterns Susty Party offers.
o   Susty Party tableware items range from $4.99 – $22.99.
o   Susty Party products are non-toxic and BPA-free. All products are made from sustainable materials that are premium and disposable.
o   Susty Party tablecloths are the first and only compostable, bio-based tablecloths on the market.
·         All Susty Party products are made in partnership with National Industries for the Blind, Clovernook Center and Envision Industries; non-profit centers that support the visually impaired.


o   Over 70% of blind working aged Americans are unemployed. Susty Party will create more than 25 jobs for the blind by the end of 2014.
·         Susty Party plates and bowls are microwavable, oven and freezer-safe.
o   Susty Party plates and bowls were designed by an aerospace engineer who ran tests to ensure durability and safety.
o   Susty Party plates are made from tapioca starch mixed with grass fiber.

Find the products at Wegman’s and Whole Foods.


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