Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Keeping Drinks Cold With ZooMoos



Summer is here and a way to keep your child’s drink cold is using a ZooMoos.

Created by a mom of two children who lives in Carmel, Indiana, the BPA-free and phthalate-free sippy cups are orange and the holder comes in a choice of four animals available for sale:  monkey, dog, owl and unicorn.

The cup holds 12 oz. and is dishwasher safe and the ZooMoos holder is made of neoprene, polyester and foam. It is machine washable too.

Looking at their site, there are photos of school-aged children posing with them. Personally, these are more for toddlers because I know my kids who are 5 and up wouldn’t be caught still using a sippy cup. You can use the holder for water bottles but again, the animal designs are a bit too cutesy for the elementary crowd.

ZooMoos were recently were on sale at Zulily for $12.99. It does retail for $19.99.

Again, I think the price is way to high for a product like this. The cupholders just aren’t that attractive. My 5-year-old took a look at the photos and said they were not appealing at all.

Also, the cup itself is big and sort of bulky for a toddler to hold. You can check them out yourself and form your own opinion at the ZooMoos website.

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