Sunday, January 21st, 2018

A Great View: SANUS Full Motion TV Mounts




Flat screen TVs are getting bigger and thinner and a safety concern is children tipping them over. Putting a TV on the wall saves space, looks great and hides the ugly cables.

SANUS is the #1 best selling TV mount brand in the United States and a reason why we bought two of their mounts in the past few months.

The one we recently received is the SANUS VLF525 Full Motion wall mount. It fits flat screens 51″-70″ and the maximum weight it will hold is up to 125 lbs.

First of all, the box is big. But don’t let the heaviness deter you, this mount inside is sturdy and will support the television on the wall. With this mount you will be able to tilt, swivel, and move the TV side to side where you can view it at every area of the room. It can even be extended 25″ from the wall.  It’s great if you need to put the TV in the corner.

If you’re not sure if the mount is secure, the TV “clicks” into place for a safe connection you can hear. Watch the video!

Sanus Accents Full-Motion Mounts from SANUS on Vimeo.

The two SANUS mounts were used for the family room and bedroom and they live up to their great reputation. For both installations, it was very easy to put together and you feel confident the TV is held up securely. We are planning to use the full motion TV mount for the living room. OVERALL: Awesome product!

If you’re nervous about putting it together, there’s a video to watch on the SANUS website in case you need step by step instructions, and customer support if you need it.


Recently, there was a SANUS Father’s Day Sweepstakes posted on their Facebook page. Four lucky winners received a VIZIO 32″ E-Series Smart HDTV and a SANUS Premium Series VSF415 Full Motion Mount ($410 value). Like their page and stay tuned to current SANUS news.

SANUS mounts are available at Best Buy, Costco, Target and Walmart stores, as well as local audio and video retailers nationwide.

You get what you pay for and the price is worth it! It will last forever and you will have a cool entertainment system.



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