Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Apps: My Chinese Copybook



Want to learn how to write Chinese? Aedify Technology Limited has recently launched a chinese writing app named “My Chinese Copybook” for kids to learn Chinese writing with correct stroke order.

My 5-year-old was the tester of the app. Since she’s very used to playing with apps on the iPad – she easily understood how to navigate – following the directions on following each stroke order.

When she would complete (or trace) the character – a picture would appear (for example – a cow would show up after she finished). However it is not clear if the word means “cow” or “animal”.


The only criticism I have is I wish they would have displayed the English translation after the writing of the word. I couldn’t find English directions at all.
You can hear the word meanings in Cantonese and Mandarin – which is a plus.

I also think the app needs more animation as a younger player would get bored easily.

My Chinese Copybook is $2.99.

Download Link (iPhone / iPad).

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