Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Construction Fun With Crazy Forts!


Crazy Forts

Most children love playing with forts and tents. I think Crazy Forts is a great toy that involves creativity, building skills and fun.

Inside the box you’ll find 69 pieces (44 sticks and 25 balls). Design ideas are included too. All you do is add bedsheets and blankets and you have a cozy place to hang out. There are three choices to pick from: Original, princess, glow in the dark. There’s even a product available that includes LED lights that fit into the holes of the fort.
On the first day of fort building my son stayed in it for a couple of hours with the ipad.

As you can see my kids loved building and playing with the Glow and the Dark set. Get more than one kit and build a bigger fort.





Retail price is $49.95. Recommended for ages 5 and up.

OVERALL: I think it’s a great construction product. It’s a toy that children can work together on play with for hours. It’s also great that you can easily store the sticks and balls back into the box.

TIP: You need to look at the pamphlet because it will tell you that you need to insert sticks into the top of the balls with the arrows pointing up.

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