Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Uh Oh Bands: Safety Wristbands



A real cool idea if you’re nervous about losing your child during trick or treating, or at any big crowded event, is to get an Uh Oh Band.

The silicone safety wristbands were designed by a mom and features a simple call-to-action message of “Uh Oh, I’m Lost” on the front with a strip on the back to easily write a phone number.

Just in time – on Friday night my children and I were heading to a Halloween party. They were enthusiastic on wearing them. Thank goodness since there were tons of kids and it was easy to lose them. I just explained that if they got lost to have someone call the number I had written on the bracelet.

The wristbands are designed to fit children and are waterprrof. The international symbol for first aid adds to the “help” message.

Available in red, blue, pink and white – I think these bands are a good alternative if you don’t want to write your number on a part of their body like their arm.

The white bracelets glow and are my favorite – great for walking around in the dark.

Check out their website

Also check out their Facebook page.

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