Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Popular Kid-Friendly Toys At Target


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iBitz by GeoPalz

The iBitz PowerKey for Children is a device with corresponding app, which includes an interactive game that features virtual pet characters called GeoBotz. Walking, running and playing while wearing iBitz PowerKey keeps the GeoBotz character alive. As your child becomes more active, the app-based character gains power.
GeoPalz recently announced their partnership with Disney’s Club Penguin, where the iBitz device will convert physical activity into “coins” that can be used on Club Penguin to unlock exclusive content.

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Diggin Dodge Tag Target Toss

Diggin Dodge Tag Target Toss is a safe way for kids to play target toss with their friends. With two sticky chest pads and six soft balls, children can encourage each other to get outside and play!  The game itself requires lots of running and “dodging,” providing lots of activity and laughs for children.

Just Dance Kids 2

Dancing is a perfect activity to keep your kids moving! Available on both the Kinect for Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii, Just Dance Kids 2 is the coolest dance experience for children. Featuring fun graphics and over 40 popular songs, your children will be performing the latest dance moves in no time!

YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat for Kids

Do you love to Yoga? Get your kids involved and make Yoga a family affair.  The YogaDirect Fun Yoga Mat for kids encourages your kids to work on their balance and stability with a perfect sized matt for kids. The matt itself is made of comfortable textured foam, available in butterfly, turtles or sunshine decals to match your child’s personality.

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