Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Fruit Bliss All Natural Snacks



Fruit Bliss is the newest snack that I truly recommend.

The snacks are all-natural, unsulfured fruits that are tasty! Every package offers moist dried fruit.

Fruit Bliss was founded in 2011 by Susan Leone, a mother on a mission to create a nutritiously rich and convenient snack for the whole family. As a health conscious mom, Susan is dedicated to creating a wholesome snack with no additional preservatives or sugars, offering the very best natural fruit in a convenient-to-carry package.



The fruit are sourced from Turkey, France and Tunisia. Fruit Bliss’ sun-sweetened whole apricots, plums, dates and figs are infused with moisture to deliver a deliciously juicy fruit every time.

Comes in five varieties:

Soft Dried Apricots Sourced from Turkey 1.76 oz. ($1.29) and 6 oz. ($4.79)
Soft Dried Figs Sourced from Turkey 1.76 ($1.29) and 6 oz. ($4.79)
Soft Dried Agen Plums Sourced from France 1.76 ($1.29) and 6 oz. ($4.79)
Soft Dried Dates Sourced from Tunisia 6 oz. ($4.79)
Soft Dried Fruit Medley-Apricots, Figs and Plums – 6 oz. ($4.79)

Fruit Bliss snacks can be purchased online or in specialty food stores and supermarkets nationwide. For more information, visit

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