Sunday, February 18th, 2018

App: My Little Work Garage


A great new app has arrived for children who love cars.

In My Little work Garage you get to run your own garage with customers lining up for help! Fuel or charge vehicles, change parts and wheels of the cars and give them a spray paint job to create thousands of extraordinary and funny cars.

Fix the engine, fill up oil, add washer fluid, and find broken parts. A dirty car will get a good wash! In the check-out you get paid so you can buy more parts for your own racing cars. You can race with your creations on three different race-tracks with up to three friends!

–         Kids category, 6-8 years
–         Over 10 000 different car combinations
–         Unique multiplayer race game with 1-4 players
–         No Ads. No In App Purchases.
–         11 languages (Swedish, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Traditional Chinese,  Russian, Brazilian (Portuguese)  and Japanese)
–         Simultaneous release on iOS (iPad + iPhone) and Google Play (Phones & Tablets)

OVERALL: My son and daughter love it! My 7-year-old can spend hours on it. He loves the combinations of how you can design each car and the different types of customers who go through the garage. He gives it a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. The reason it isn’t higher is because he says during the car washing part – there are times you can’t swipe easily.

I can’t believe this app is only $.99! There’s so much to it and it’s totally adorable I’m surprised it’s selling at a low cost. Check out the video!



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