Saturday, February 17th, 2018

App: My Little Pony: Party For One



Hasbro and PlayDate Digital have launched the My Little Pony educational app called My Little Pony: Party for One. The $2.99 app is designed as an interactive storybook that helps children expand their vocabulary and learn great life lessons like sharing and friendship.

The app stars PINKIE PIE, RAINBOW DASH, FLUTTERSHY, APPLEJACK, TWILIGHT SPARKLE and others from the animated hit series, “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”, created by Hasbro Studios and currently airing on The Hub TV Network in the United States.

Starring the official voice of TV’s PINKIE PIE and featuring a host of enjoyable learning opportunities throughout each scene, the newest MY LITTLE PONY app is an engaging way for fans and beginner readers to be entertained while learning reading skills and reading stories demonstrating social emotional values.

Another Party for PINKIE?
Who throws better parties than PINKIE PIE?  Having just finished off one celebration, PINKIE PIE sets off to invite all of her favorite ponies to a new party, but suddenly every pony seems to be QUITE busy.  What’s going on?  Join the investigation as PINKIE PIE visits her My Little Pony friends looking for clues.

Overall: My 5-year-old read through it once but wasn’t too interested in the story. It’s probably because she’s not a big My Little Pony fan. That said – perhaps a child under 4 would be more into it. The app and story are simple and straightforward. Check out the video below!


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