Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Three Doodle & Activity Books From Candlewick Press



Summer is passing by and you need to keep the kids busy at home, in the car, at the beach. Here are three books from Candlewick Press that will encourage some activity and hopefully some smiles.

Doodle with Maisy by Lucy Cousins
$8.99 ∙ 80 pages ∙ 2-5 years

Creative Maisy fans – it’s time to make your mark!  Take your pencil on a doodling adventure in this irresistible Maisy activity book created by Lucy Cousins.  There’s hours of fun—and something for everyone—in this hands-on Maisy doodle-fest!

OUR TAKE: Very fun, big pages and simple to follow! My 4-year-old likes to draw in it every few days.


Magical Mix-Ups: Pets and Parties by Marnie Edwards, illustrated by Leigh Hodgkinson
$6.99 ∙ 96 pages ∙ 7 years and up

Glitter at the ready, this book needs YOU!  Princess Sapphire and Emerald the Witch live in the mixed-up land of Mixtopia, where everything is just a little bit odd…let’s face it, perfect princesses and scruffy witches are not usually best friends.  Doodle, design and draw while you read and make Sapphire’s birthday wish come true!

OUR TAKE: Also a fun book! Even adults can get into this.

Look Up!: Bird-Watching in Your Own Backyard by Annette LeBlanc Cate
$15.99 ∙ 64 pages ∙ 8 years and up

This conversational, humorous introduction to bird-watching encourages kids to get outdoors with a sketchbook and really look around. Quirky full-color illustrations portray dozens of birds chatting about their distinctive characteristics, including color, shape, plumage, and beak and foot types, while tongue-in-cheek cartoons feature banter between birds, characters, and the reader.

OUR TAKE: Unfortunately my 7-year-old didn’t even want to look at this book. Probably it’s very wordy and lots of stuff going on the pages for him.

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