Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Parents Back To School Issue: Rosie Pope, Testing, & Tech Talk



The September 2013 issue of Parents is packed full of back-to-school stories.

Here are just some of the features:

Rosie Pope’s Breakfast Scramble (p. 218) With her older son starting school this year, busy cover-mom Rosie Pope wanted to whip and delivered five fun, easy, breakfast ideas to use when her son James begins kindergarten this fall.

Standing Up to Testing (p. 144) Statewide exams have become a huge source of anxiety for both kids and parents, and a burden for struggling schools. Parents has strategies to ensure your student can thrive in today’s testing culture.

Tech Talk (p. 272) It’s amazing to watch school-age children interact with technology with fluency and ease. Parents has information to ensure that families are prepped for pre-tweens FaceTime, texting, apps, and everything in between.

6 Ways to Motivate Your Kids (p. 124) Convincing your children to do things they don’t want to do can be challenging. And making them stop doing the things you don’t want them to can be trickier still. Try these no-nag strategies to get them to pick up, do homework, brush teeth, and more.

The Insider’s Guide to School (p.184) After the first-day excitement wears off, what’s really in store for your child this year? Get the grade-by-grade lowdown from families with students who were in your shoes last September.

Caregiver Confessions (p.234) Parents editors asked teachers, nannies, and child-care providers to spill the beans. From why they choose favorite families to what parents should do when they are running late, here are tips on having a great relationship with your caregiver.

Sounds like I’ll need to get a copy myself! Can you believe it’s almost school time again?



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