Sunday, January 21st, 2018

For Moms: Color Me Swoon



Occasionally we post products for moms. Here’s something that is kind of funny and could be the deal gift for a friend who adores one or all of these hotties. It’s Color Me Swoon (Perigee, September 3, 2013) by Mel Elliott.

Color these celebrity hearthrobs:

• Channing Tatum
• Zac Efron
• Alexander Skarsgard
• Robert Pattinson
• Taylor Lautner
• Justin Timberlake
• James Franco
• David Beckham
• Pharrell Williams
• One Direction
• Jon Hamm
• Johnny Depp
• Brad Pitt
• Jake Gyllenhaal
• Javier Bardem
• Michael Cera
• Michael Fassbender
• and yes, Ryan Gosling

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 11.44.01 AM

Also, every image is accompanied by fill-in-the blank activities like:

• Bradley Cooper anagrams
• A George Clooney crossword puzzle
• Pharrell Williams fill-in-the-blanks
• An imaginary wedding registry with Ryan Reynolds
• An 80s heartthrob matchup featuring Rob Lowe, Matt Dillon and John Cusack
• Jude Law limericks
And a lot of other fun stuff. A lot.

Very different and I think a cool gift to a mom friend who may want to color something on her own!

Visit Mel Elliot’s website

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