Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Flattenme: Get Personal & Make Your Child A Star


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If you’re looking for a personalized gift – flattenme might have something fun for you. They sell personalized shirts, books, wall art, cards and water bottles.

I was offered a customized shirt recently. Since my preschooler loves dancing I chose the ballerina design (It was also the same one she chose anyway). Other designs include fireman, astronaut, and superhero.

All I did was send a photo of my daughter and waited for the shirt to come in the mail. We received it pretty quickly and to be honest, was a little disappointed to find a Hanes shirt. The reason being -since the price is $27.95 – I expected a more high quality cotton shirt. The picture of my daughter’s face on the shirt is cute and she did do a double take when she first saw it.


That said, I think the best product they have are the personalized books. Check out their baby board book for example. It’s $27.95 for a paperback and $39.95 for hardcover. I think their books are a hit since if you look through the reviews.

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I wish flattenme the best success. For me – the books are more of a hit..the shirts – a hit and miss. You can visit their online store flattenme and see for yourself.

Use coupon code T_10. It’s good for 10% off between now and June 30.


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