Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Wall Pops: New Designs Now Out!



New designs are out at Wall Pops! The line of removable wall decals includes a range of new peel-and-stick Chalkboards, colorful Dry Erase Maps, Growth Charts, Mix-and-Match and the popular Wall Art Kits.

I ordered the Rally Racers for my son’s room.

Site’s Description: For a racy room, decorate with racecars in red, orange, grey, blue and green with silver foil accents for a retro color palette; the Blox design includes cars over a grey checkered print; and Stripes feature the same checkered print that’s used for flags on the start/finish line in auto racing.

Here’s a snapshot of what the dots design looks like. My husband put these up.


Overall: Love them!! They are easy to move around the wall. No need to worry about chipping the paint. Colorful, fun…I would definitely order more decals from the company in the future.

Does your child like pirates? sailing? There’s also Argh Pirates and Regatta…plus much more cool looking designs.



The Growth Charts are fun too. There are two designs:

• Alphabet:  In a sea blue and soft green, the left side of the chart lists the ABC’s along with a corresponding object for each letter such as a cupcake for “c” with a ruler on the right and space on top to write a child’s name.

• Transportation:  A fire truck, school bus, helicopter and more are displayed on this growth chart with a red ruler on the left and a yellow ruler on the right to keep track of a growing child.


Don’t mind chalk? The Chalkboards decals can be written and drawn on. The boards do come with chalk. Designs include:

• Peel-and-stick Chalk Board:  One chalkboard sheet that measures 13- by 17.75-inches.

• Learn to Write:  A peel-and-stick chalk board with lines that allow kids to practice writing letters and numbers.

You can buy all the new designs at and at select retailers. Pretty much these decals will brighten up any blank wall. AGAIN I HAVE TO SAY I RECOMMEND THEM.

PRICES: WallPops for Kids Mix and Match are approximately $14.99 each.  WallPops Small Wall Art Kits are approximately $15.99 each and Large Wall Art Kits are approximately $30.99 each.  Growth Charts are approximately $20.99 each.  Dry Erase Maps are approximately $20.99 each.  The new peel-and-stick Chalkboards are approximately $15.99 each.




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