Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Kidecals: Personalized, Waterproof Labels


kidecals-038409For school, daycare, camp or just when you need to label something – there are many labelcompanies out there. Kidecals is one company I had never heard of until they reached out to me.

Besides the “usual” name labels offered – they have other interesting categories that stand out for me. DIY & Gift Labels, Keycals (which was featured on The Today Show), and the Doorbell Stickers are different – and for me personally…have not seen on any other site before.

Since we just moved into our new home – I decided to order and custom make address labels. I chose the colors, the text and which design I wanted and picked the Mini Set ($21). These are 1 x .25. inch labels and for some reason – it didn’t register how tiny they would be when I received them in the mail.

For address labels the mini set is just too small for anyone to use. You need a magnifying glass. That said – I suggest getting the Mega Set ($28) for that type of label. They measure at 2 x 5 inches.



Kidecals do have cool designs so don’t let my opinion of the mini set labels being too small scare you away.

Visit and check them out for yourself. P.S. They offer free shipping on all orders!



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