Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Books: The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation



The Big Bad Wolf Goes On Vacation by Delphine Perret (Sterling Children’s Books) tells the story of a funny wolf named Bernard and his pal Louis. Louis and his grandpa are off to go on vacation at the sea and Bernard wants to go too.

Soon they’re off on a wacky road trip complete with car seats filled with cookie crumbs and lots of laughs along the way. The trip culminates with the perfect day on the beach where the three joyfully race into the sea.

The following are vacation tips from the big bad wolf:

·                     Don’t eat the children (you’ll have no one to play with!)

·                     Be kind to Grandma and Grandpa because they buy you ice cream

·                     Always use sunblock and sunglasses on the beach (to prevent pre-mature wolf aging!)

·                     Try not to get cookie crumbs on the car seat

Wolf spread 2 Bernard

OVERALL: Delphine Perret is the author-illustrator of numerous children’s books published in France. She does a good job making the wolf have a witty sense of humor.

Each page has plenty of drawings and conversations between Louis, the wolf and grandpa and the story does go by quickly – though it may seem like a long book at first glance. I would actually say this children’s book is sort of sophisticated…and not cutesy.


The book is available at barnes and noble for $8.25




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