Saturday, February 17th, 2018

SIGG & Cuipo Partner For Rainforest Conservation



I’ve always been a fan of SIGG Switzerland. Currently they have teamed  up with Cuipo to introduce a capsule collection of bottles in adorable designs for kids.

Their mission is rainforest conservation through creative brand campaigns.

Just in time for Earth Day, SIGG Switzerland will introduce three new children designs (monkey, dolphin, parrot) in the 0.3 liter and 0.4 liter size, inspired by Cuipo and their initiative to save the rainforest one meter at a time.

Each aluminum bottle, features a fun Cuipo character (Tiko, Cezar & Peaches) that signifies action—because for each bottle sold, Cuipo will save one meter of rainforest. Every bottle comes with a unique activation code that you enter on the Cuipo website. With that you’re able to choose your very own square meter of forest within the Panamanian rainforest that will forever be protected in your child’s name. Ditch the plastic for good and help diminish deforestation-two great wins in one simple action.

SIGG’s are 100% recyclable at the end of their long life due to their aluminum composition. They are completely BPA and phthalate free as well as odor and taste neutral. The Cuipo inspired SIGG bottles will be available for purchase online at and in select Whole Foods Markets nationwide.


The 0.3L bottle is $17.99 and the 0.4L is $19.99.





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