Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Apps: Duck Duck Goose Launches ‘More Trucks’



For preschoolers here’s a new app – More Trucks! It’s the follow up to Duck Duck Moose’s popular Trucks app.

Trucks, introduced in May 2012, has garnered Parents’ Choice and Children’s Technology Editors’ Choice awards and outsold Angry Birds for iPad at launch.

The new More Trucks app teaches children about construction, stacking, sequencing and problem solving as they drive a fire or tow truck, race monster trucks and build structures with a crane. Each activity is designed to encourage experimentation and stimulate the imagination of children ages two and up.  More Trucks is available on the AppStore for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch ($1.99).

More Trucks invites children to explore, play, and experiment with four activities:

●      Be a firefighter.  Drive the fire engine, hose down the fire, and save the city of San Francisco.

●      Drive monster trucks through changing terrain, over mud pits and other obstacles, experimenting with different speeds, directions, and jumps.

●      Use a crane to construct a house, pyramid and other structures. Then knock them down with a wrecking ball and build again.

●      Tow cars to the junkyard.  Unload and stack them in the junkyard.

Trucks and objects move, fall and bounce as they would in the real world, teaching children the principles of gravity and physics.  For example, in the junkyard, the stack of cars will topple if the pile gets too high or imbalanced.

Download More Trucks and other Duck Duck Moose apps on the App Store:

More Trucks – by Duck Duck Moose (for iPhone), $1.99

More Trucks HD – by Duck Duck Moose (for iPad), $1.99


Here’s the give away link:

It’s on their Facebook page. Also follow them on Twitter.




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