Friday, January 19th, 2018

Washing Hands With The Aqueduct Faucet & Handle Extender


As an alternative solution for children using  a step stool to wash little hands – there’s a product out called Aqueduct Faucet Extendercreated by Peachy, LLC.

The site reads: “I could not find anything and stools are not portable, so, I decided to come up with a solution. That is how the Aqueduck® was born. Aqueduck® comes with a Free tattoo sticker, aqua for boys and pink for girls.”

Now out is also the new Aqueduck Handle Extender – designed so that little ones can use the hot and cold nobs.With the original Faucet Extender also helping out you have a busy looking sink.

The Aqueduct Faucet Extender is $12.99 and the Aqueduck Handle Extender is $19.99.

OVERALL: If you don’t want to use a stepstool or feel that you want to leave more room for the bathroom the Aqueduct Faucet Extender is a good idea. I also like that it’s portable so if you were an organized parent you can carry it in your handbag when going to public restrooms.

The Aqueduct Handle Extender is in my opinion – an okay idea but I still think an adult needs to be with a little one when handling water (especially hot) so not sure if this is so necessary.

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