Sunday, February 18th, 2018

iSafe Urban Crew Backpacks


Backpacks with an alarm? iSafe Urban Crew backpacks are for those emergency situations when you’re in trouble and need to attract attention. Recommended for children 14 and up – the backpacks can be used for school, walking, or just about anywhere when you’re out and about.

These bags fit laptops and leave plenty of room to carry things it its seven zippered compartments.

iSafe Bags are different because they feature a lightweight, battery-powered audible and visible alarm system that, when activated, signal distress and attract immediate attention in a dangerous or crisis situation. So for example if someone is coming toward you – that alarm is going to activate and will make sounds and flash lights. The batteries will make the piercing sound ring for two hours. Of course you just simple place the pin back to shut it off.

The site reads: “The alarm can be switched on and off in intervals to conserve battery power or run continuously for up to two hours on just two 9-volt batteries to attract attention to situations such as: a child who is lost, being bullied or having a medical emergency.”

As these bags are for teens and older – this could be a useful thing to have. In fact – I recommend these for vulnerable little old ladies.

Since I am an optimistic person – perhaps you may want one if you get lost in the woods or if you’re stuck in an elevator somewhere.

Retail price is $89.99.

Visit and see what other types of iSafe bags there are and click the company’s website. 

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