Friday, January 19th, 2018

No more Tucking! Kuviez Bedding


I recently got the coolest bedding recently from Kuviez.

Here is the description:

Kuviez bedding is a customizable way to dress your beds with no frustrating tucking, re-tucking or fidgeting in the night. Plus, there is no messy bed to make in the morning!

This tailored bedding set is designed to steady your bedding while still leaving plenty of wiggle room for natural sleep movement.  Simply align the Kuviez labels and button tabs with the fitted sheet buttons, fasten, then apply all of the bedding in one step. The fitted sheet has the “V”styled elastic anchors to fit on the mattress.

OVERALL: I have been looking for a solution for my preschooler who gets cold at night in her bed. I also don’t want her to fall out of bed either. With the Kuviez bedding she stays put, keeps warm and is comfortable.

She has the Pink Star Wishes design. The package for  $79.99 includes 1 pillowcase, 1 fitted sheet and 1 flat sheet.

A great idea and looks so nice. Now her bed is easy to straighten out in the morning. Check out their site


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