Friday, January 19th, 2018

Last Minute Idea: Your Santa Story


Here’s a great and fun last minute idea for the holidays.

Your Santa Story is a customized, family-specific DVD that features an authentic Santa Claus addressing your family in a completely unique way, telling your family’s story.

All you do is fill out the form and the DVD comes to you with Santa giving out your personal message.

“Your Santa Story” is in limited production for the 2012 holiday season. The DVD is $29.95.

Check out and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. While on the site – be sure to click on The 12 Things We Believe to gain a better understanding of what “Your Santa Story” is all about.

OVERALL: Funny! I played it while my husband was sitting on the couch looking at his iPad. As soon as Santa addressed my children and said their names he immediately paid attention. We laughed and thought it was so cute. The ONLY criticism I have is I wish Santa would just appear first instead of showing video of all his reindeer before the message. But that’s just my opinion. Recommended for kids and adults who believe Santa is sending gifts.




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