Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Books: A Bit Of Applause For Mrs. Claus


A new holiday read available is A Bit of Applause for Mrs. Claus.

Santa Claus is sick so Mrs. Claus hustles and bustles to save Christmas night. From wrapping the last presents to trimming the trees, Mrs. Claus, does it all, just in the nick of time.

Overall: I like the illustrations and reading the first pages of the book is entertaining. However at the end – I was confused. So was the rest of my family when they read it separately. It turns out that Mrs. Claus does all the work and ends up not delivering the presents because Santa gets better. I think the ending is a bit rushed and a let down. But just because we’re not crazy about it doesn’t mean you can’t read it for yourself. Your children might like it.

About the Authors

Jeannie Schick-Jacobowitz and Susie Schick-Pierce are sisters who collaborate and a powerful creative team,along with Jeannie’s daughter Muffin Drake. The three have collaborated on numerous mini-books and gift books, which have sold hundreds of thousands of copies.  Jeannie lives in New Jersey and Washington. Susie has two sons, three grandchildren, and lives with her husband Garrett.




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