Friday, January 19th, 2018

Pinypon Party Time


My children have seen the Pinypon commercials on television so when a big box of Pinypon products arrived – they were excited to find out more about the toys. Along with the figurines, caravans and Nenuco dolls – I received an activity sheet with ideas, scavenger hunt pieces and fall fashion show certificates.

There are 8 different Pinypon mini-dolls who love fashion and clothes. What’s fun is that they interchange. Change their outfits, accessories, hairstyles and faces.

The Pinypon caravan is adorable! There’s so much to do in one toy. Pinypon dolls can take a shower, go swimming, change in the mirror, get things from the cupboard and fridge and go boating. You can use the accessories to decorate the caravan too. Also – you can use water for the shower but since I didn’t want to make a mess on the carpet I didn’t include it in the playing.

I had planned to hold my Pinypon party on two different occasions. The first was scheduled right after Hurricane Sandy. However many invitees couldn’t make it. The second play date was for a Monday when there was no school. However also on that date many mothers had already made plans and couldn’t bring their kids to the Pinypon party. So finally two friends were over recently and we decided to hold a mini party…impromptu.

Everyone had fun and it was a hit to play with all the figurines and Nenuco doll.

The Nenuco doll really drinks water and goes to the potty. Also when you squeeze her arm bubbles come out of her mouth. This reminds me of a doll I had as a child. Love it! Be of course, we wary about the water play.

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