Sunday, February 18th, 2018

MYdrap: Recyclable, Colorful Napkins & Placemats


Here’s an eco-friendly and convenient way to use napkins. Especially with children! MYdrap napkins and placemats are convenient as paper towels in that they come in a perforated roll. You get 12 soft, supple cotton or linen squares and rectangles that you can tear off as needed. Biodegradable and recyclable, they can even be washed and used over and over. MYdrap napkins and placemats come in 3 sizes and more than 20 colors.

Overall: I got a small roll and two placemats (which I also used to place on my children’s laps at dinnertime). At mealtimes I usually give out a piece of paper towel for the kids. It can be really wasteful. Using the MYdrap napkins is convenient. After use just throw in the washing machine. I feel like ‘Okay I’m doing a green thing’.

The thing that is different is the packaging. Cute that you can just tear off and use (too bad there’s only 12 sheets in a roll). After the novelty wears off the product is useful. Prices of the napkins and placemats range from $27-44. You get 12 per roll so pricey but the quality is high enough that it comes out of the washing machine as good as new. It doesn’t mean I won’t use paper towels again but it will lessen the use.


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