Friday, January 19th, 2018

My Little Cupcake: No-Bake Molds


These little snowmen are made from My Little Cupcake molds. Founder Jeannette Facey started her company less than three years ago when she was making cupcake pops for her children as well as others. She realized that to make the perfect cupcake shape she needed a mold.

Voila! Her new products were born. I do like that that these are no-bake cupcake molds. Easy, convenient and different to offer at school events, parties, etc.

On the site there are delicious looking desserts and a few recipes. However some pages are under construction so remember to check back in the future. Too bad because I wanted to see the recipe for Oreo Cookie and Cream Cheese Truffle!

They also sell Cake Pop Accessories. Unfortunately it’s been a busy month (like Hurricane Sandy blowing our way) and I have not had time to make any cupcake pops. But I think they have enough treats to show you online what they’re about.



One Response to “My Little Cupcake: No-Bake Molds”
  1. First of all, I’m glad you are all safe after Hurricane Sandy. Second of all, I love, love, love cupcake pops! They are the best ever because their mini cupcakes with less mess and you can decorate them in so many amazing ways. I’ll have to check out her molds because the snowman is such a cute idea. Thanks for sharing!