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Lolly Wolly Doodle: Sew Cute Clothes!


Now here’s a success story I like to hear! A mom to 4 children – Brandi Tysinger-Temple created online store Lolly Wolly Doodle. in 2008 she started sewing clothes which ended up being sold on ebay. They sold fast and a business was born. Now they’ve become the largest employer in Lexington, North Carolina with 400,000 FB fans.

The clothes are stylish, affordable and made in the USA. The Boy Chevron Dress sent to me is only $30. Cute black leggings with a flare at the bottom and a hairbow make it a complete outfit. This multi-colored dress (shown above) has a red sash on the side and the material is lightweight. That’s why I’ll wait until the spring/summer for my daughter to wear it.

The denim personalized backpacks ($30) are wonderful too. They’re colorful, fun and different.

I think you’ll find a cool gift for that special child. For example -  their Red Santa’s Milk and Cookies Place Mat ($22). Free shipping on orders over $50.

I support businesses who take pride in creating products here in America so I really recommend you visiting the www.lollywollydoodle.


15 Responses to “Lolly Wolly Doodle: Sew Cute Clothes!”
  1. Jenna says:

    I ordered from L-W-D for a few years and didn’t have much trouble at all. The clothes were super cute and I loved getting them monogrammed because my girls have unique names that you can never find in stores. Recently however, I’ve had problems getting my items in a timely manner. And I have to say their customer service is absolutely horrible! Most recently, I ordered a dress over eight weeks ago and still have not received it. My e-mails either go ignored or I get a short snotty reply. Even when I send them my invoice number in my request for feedback, they send me an e-mail asking for the invoice number – HELLO… READ THE e-MAIL! Then they tell me it’s in the mail, yet 10 days later – still nothing. L-W-D will NOT be seeing any more of my business and I caution everyone not to spend your money with them. Maybe if their orders start dropping off someone will see the lightbulb and realize they have got to do something about their customer service. Oh, and the quality of their dresses is dropping off also. The sizing is inconsistent and the materials don’t hold up to washing.

  2. Judy says:

    Update – I emailed Lolly Wolly Doodle again referencing the belt that goes with an adult tunic that I ordered. They still have not responded. I do not expect an answer any more. I will NOT order from them again. Customer service stinks…..

  3. GEORGIAMOM says:

    I’ve ordered several items for my daughter. 2 dresses and a top. Absolutely love them. The material is thick and the embroidery is very nice. I only only only shop their sales and would never pay full price. Personally, I think it is ridiculous paying $45-$60 for an outfit your daughter will grow out of very soon. Never had any complaints and hope I never do. Because I know it takes a while to ship, I order early.

  4. Judy says:

    Also, there is no phone number on the web site so you can contact them. I had to google for a phone number. That tells me they don’t won’t phone calls.

  5. Judy says:

    I ordered four dresses / tunics from Lolly Wolly Doodle. It took over four weeks for them to arrive – the site says to allow 2-4
    weeks, but that seems extra long to me for items that are supposedly being manufactured in the states. I emailed the company when they did not arrive in the four weeks, and they just happened to ship my order the next day! The quality of their work is less than desirable for the price I paid. The hems of the little girls dresses are surged rather than hemmed. One of the belts that was sent with the adult tunic is so short that it can barely be tied into a knot, much less a bow as shown in their picture. I have called and emailed the company about this belt trying to get a workable longer belt. They have not responded to either of my contacts. Customer service is apparently not something that is important to this company. I will not be ordering from them again.

  6. Curious says:

    Your posts got me curious so I went to their site and read their story. This is what it says abot what they make in NC: We believe deeply in the importance of American manufacturing and are proud to manufacture over 50% of our items entirely in our Lexington factory. Even the items that we design and have manufactured from other factories, we embellish and personalize in the US. Our goal is to create as many jobs as possible. Meaningful, dignified jobs at all skill levels – producing economically competitive, high-quality products.
    Over 50% of our items. How is that fake/a fraud?

  7. Kayla Ray says:

    This company is a huge fake! The owner does not have anything I do with the employees that is not family. They have unrealistic expectations for the employees, such as never making a mistake and always bing perfect! Horrible place to work for, they change the tags on the clothes to make it looks as if it is the size that you really ordered Such as if you ordered a size 10 and all they had was a size 8 in it, they would change the tag to a 10 so it looks like your getting the right size! Horrible!!

  8. Amy says:

    I won’t be ordering from their again. Took 5 weeks to get a top. The pants I ordered for my daughter look like something MC Hammer wore. Very disappointed in quality plus the customer service takes forever to get a response BUT they took my Paypal payment immediately.

  9. Darcy says:

    I have bought several items in the last month, being stupid and nieve. I was all excited when I read everything was made here in NC, that I could support a local business and buy handmade outfits for my daughters.
    What I got was clothing from India, Mexico, China, El Salvador and Afghanastan. For the prices I paid I could have went and clothed 8 kids at Walmart if I wanted China manufacturing. I am disgusted.

    I have send several emails, posted on their Facebook wall ( which then was deleted) and called directly. 1-336-238-5002

    As these items come trickling in I am discovering that I over paid some woman to have her line manufactured over seas. What a joke of a business. Im planning on filing a complaint with the BBB, but also contacting the states attorney as well as the local news to investigate. She claims half her new location in Wilmington was funded by the State of NC, one must wonder if they know she is purposefully deceiving customers.

  10. Emily says:

    LWD has horrible customer service, there clothes may be cute and affordable, but it’s not worth it, especially if you ever have an issue and have to contact them. They don’t answer your emails, they don’t return phone calls, and the live chat is a joke!! I have received items that were ink stained, had brown dirty spots, the wrong size, and I have an item that they can’t find, but refuse to refund my money for. The only way I was able to get them to communicate with me was to post a comment about there poor costumer service on LWD resale page that says in the description that it is not affliated with LWD just a place to resale your child’s worn clothes, boy did a certain costumer service person send me a very rude email about posting negative comments. She says she has 100′s of emails a day to answer….so answer the emails and stay off FB. I will never order from the company again

  11. Crystal says:

    I ordered from Lolly Wolly Doodle, it took weeks! When I tried to contact them I received a very rude response weeks later. If you ever try to use their live chat make sure you are prepared to wait a long time for an answer, then the answer will be short and rude! Make sure you only have one question and type fast as well because they end your session without warning and when they feel like it. There isn’t even have a nice day or go away! Very rude customer service!! I have tried to make contact with them in several ways always rude!! Oh and as for their small business, sewn by moms, no the clothes come from China, so what you think is a cute outfit made by another mom, no its made in a sweat shop by some poor child, then it gets shipped to them where they put it on their daughters take a picture, sell it to who ever, and pay their employees to monogram it or sew a piece of fabric on it and their tag. If you order something actually look in it and you will see the tag that says made in China! I tried to give them a second chance but after trying to ask a simple question, Can I combine my order from your regular website with your sale wall, and waiting over ten minutes for the answer, getting the rudest answer possible, asking a simple second question, and the chat being ended by the customer service rep before it was even answered with a kiss my butt I am done! They aren’t a small business, they have over a hundred employees, there products come from China, and the mom that everybody wants to brag about how hard she works, is now an executive making tons of money, and not touching a sewing machine! I asked them about the clothes I received from China, their answer, they have so many orders they had to figure a way to fill them, so you order them from a sweat shop and still advertise they are American made by Moms??? Why would anyone order from a company that gives false info?? Why are you letting your child wear clothes made by a child probably the same age making not even a dollar an hour? Oh because the Mom went on TV gave a false story and is now making a crap ton of money?? You want cute clothes, there are real Mom’s who make a living sewing clothes and don’t make up stories to go on TV!! Also they aren’t rude when asked a question, go check out your local children’s boutique, look at the labels and see how many say made in China, don’t believe me order from Lolly Wolly Doodle, look at their sewn in tag then look for the made in China tag you will find it or at least where it was cut out!

  12. Bewd says:

    What do they do to their employees? I have read bad reviews as well. Has anyone worked there that may have some insight?

  13. Ashley Thomas says:

    This company makes cute clothes, but they lie saying that everything is made locally! There are articles of clothing that I have gotten for my daugther that are not made in Lexington, NC and it says it on the tags! The workers are treated badly, working for salary and not being paid for the hours they are working, so say they work 60 hours a week they are only paid for 40. The models are never spoken to by the owner. If the company continues to go this way I do not see it lasting long.

  14. Essie Valle says:

    Lolly Wolly Doodle advertises that they are an American company. This is false advertising as some of their products and their fabrics are made in China, and only assembled by their workers in Lexington. Furthermore, they treat their employees poorly, with little regard for their company loyalty. There customer service and order filing is very poor.

  15. Anna says:

    Clothes are absolutely precious, but the worst customer service in the world. It’s so bad it’s almost unbelievable. There are many customers waiting for items to shop beyond 8-10 weeks, yet they advertise 2-4 week shipping. They do not respond to inquiries at all. They are unapologetic, and I read an email an online customer received from “Sarah” that was downright rude. They have over 16 complaints filed with the BBB and numerous poor reviews. I hope this group gets its act together because the owner is talented, but I sure wouldn’t buy from them again.

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