Friday, January 19th, 2018

iPad App: Thumbelina


Here’s a beautiful iPad app. It’s Thumbelina – created by Pogr Art.

The interactive book illustrated by Alexander Pogrebniak takes readers on a magic journey through Andersen’s fairy tale. Kids of all ages and adults can enter the magical world of nature and join the brave tiny girl in her whimsical adventures.

App Description:

A miniature red-headed girl has suddenly appeared from a flower. Her enchanting beauty sways many hearts along her travels. She took a trip on a leaf of a water lily, flew on the back of a swallow, and made friends with the tiniest beings. Colorful montages reflect both joy and sadness within these interactive pages of this app. Thumbelina joins an unusual music performance, singing songs of joy to sunshine and summer flowers. A new friend’s charm vanishes, and is taken over by bitter disappointment. Cheerful chatter of birds with the rise of dawn and boundless freedom is replaced by boredom of reclusion. It’s also a possibility the days will seem endless in this silent custody. Despite whatever happens, brave Thumbelina is faithful to the voice of her heart, this voice guides her through all the miseries straight to the carefree kingdom of new friends.

OVERALL: It really is a beautiful e-book. There are 24 interactive pages and 9 original tracks. I will say this – it’s very different and well worth the price to buy it!

Thumbelina. Magic story for iPad is available for $2.99

Here is the link to the Vimeo video.


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