Sunday, January 21st, 2018

WonderMind Interactive Learning System


Here’s a wonderful educational kit for toddlers and preschoolers.

WonderMind is a complete five-piece interactive learning system designed to work together to reinforce a love of learning. Developed by the world-renowned child development experts at Benesse Corporation, a global leader in education and publishing, WonderMind provides parents with the basic tools they need to help their child get the best possible start in life and lay the foundation for academic success.

The kit includes five educational pieces, such as:

• An activity book;

• Interactive DVD;

• Learning toys;

• Parenting guide – complete with a multitude of parenting tips, ideas, nutritional advice, educational ways to play with your child and more.

Overall: Really good! My daughter loves the clock toy. For example – it asks the child to place the hands to read 1:00. If correct it says, “super!” Pictures of mealtime, bedtime, etc. also gives a child a sense of the time of day. There’s also a light timer on it so a child can get a feel on how long 5 min, 10 min is.

The workbooks are fun. She wanted to do both books as they had stickers. The DVD (very short) also kept her attention. Using all the materials blend well together for a learning experience. Visit




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