Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Spark & Spark’s New Everyday Heroes Collection


For modern and fun personalized stationary, lunch boxes, placemats, water bottles, growth charts and more – check out This online store has the cutest designs.

The Everyday Heroes collection is new and features boys and girls dressed up in a professional outfit and a background/scene related to such profession. Available in various ethnicities and hair colors (blonde, brunette, black hair, African American, and Asian), these products allow kids to visualize themselves as “real professionals” when they grow up, while learning relevant vocabulary to the featured profession and healthy eating tips. The Everyday Heroes collection offers six professions per gender: artist, ballerina, doctor, teacher, chef, and movie star for girls; and astronaut, firefighter, doctor, police, chef, & football player for boys.

The girls lunchbox shown above is the one my daughter has. She likes the pictures and especially likes to stick magnets on it.

Here is also one of the placemats offered.



Overall, I’m happy with the products and think they’re high quality. Visit It’s a great site to find a unique, personalized gift.

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