Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Power Up For The Holidays With Duracell


Holiday season is upon us. Road trips will be made and toys will need charging. Duracell has new products to fuel up kids’ and mom and dad’s gadgets.

Read About The Following:

• Duracell® recently unveiled Duralock with Power Preserve technology, providing an up-to-10 year power guarantee.  Now parents have guaranteed peace of mind that with Duralock, they will have the power they need to keep their kids smiling through the holidays.

• For holiday road trips, parents can rest easy with Duracell’s Instant Charger.  This handy power solution is for devices such as iPods, iPhones and Blackberrys.  It fits any mini-USB device, including many digital cameras.  It also offers a universal USB port for use with proprietary device cords such as Apple products and/or micro-USB phonesThe Instant Charger retails for under $30 and fits easily into any stocking.

• For parents that own rechargeable batteries, Duracell’s Quick Charger offers a convenient and affordable way to recharge their batteries so they are ready to go as soon as the gifts are opened. Retailing for under $20, this device can save you money on batteries in the long run.

OVERALL: I have the Duracell Instant Charger. Great for the car. Before this we had no way of charging our cell phones. Now I feel more secure it’s in the car. I don’t like to be disconnected from a phone, especially on long car trips. Very easy to use – just plug USB into computer to charge. There’s an on/off switch so you’re not wasting power. My husband also is using it at work.



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