Sunday, February 18th, 2018

You Will Luv These Booster Cushions: Luv Chicken


These are the coolest booster seats around! Luv Chicken Booster Cushions have modern designs and a handle! Take them to a restaurant, movie theater or just have it on the dining room chair for dinner time. The bottoms have nonslip bottoms and they wipe clean easily too. They are 4″ high and made in Seattle, Washington.

Mom of two and graphic designer Ann Hurley is the creator.

From the Luv Chicken site: “The idea was born in 2008 when her two year old daughter, Stella, refused to sit in her plastic booster seat at the table. The obvious solution was to kneel on the chair cushions to reach the table. However, being only two years old, she was still a little messy at the table. Soon the chair cushions were stained with grape juice, spaghetti sauce, markers and paint. While flipping the cushions over to the clean side when expecting company one evening, Ann decided she should come up with a better solution. After four years of design, development and testing, the company was launched in February of 2012.”

Just check out the lovely designs below. Price is $45.


OVERALL: These are my favorite booster “seats” so far! They are super cool, chic and functional!



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