Sunday, January 21st, 2018

OhBabyChic Nursing Covers Are Stylish For Mom


If I was still breastfeeding I would use OhBabyChic’s Nursing Covers. First of all, I really like the designs. There are four (Los Angeles, Hawaii, New York, Jamaica). Whether you like colorful or just plain black – one of these four choices will appeal to you.

They give full coverage for those times you need to be out in public with your little one. Second reason why I like this product. It’s made in the USA.

Other features include: interior pocket for nursing accessories (I’ve never seen that before!), adjustable strap with easy buckle (so the wind doesn’t blow cover leaving to exposing yourself), and is 100% breathable cotton fabric (so you can feel secure that your baby is safe during breastfeeding).

Price is $49. Kourtney Kardashian was sent one and sent a thank you card. Now that’s a chic fan.

Ohbabychic’s Infant Paparazzi Pod are awesome too. They retail for $59 and come in six designs.

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