Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Girls Looking Cute “Personal Outfit Assistant”


Do you ever struggle with what your daughter wants to wear? The Girls Looking Cute doll is a “personal outfit assistant” that will make getting dressed in the morning easier. Have your child pick the outfit the night before and have it already placed on the cut out doll.

It’s a large model standing at 56″ tall. I was surprised at the size when it was taken out of the box. It’s way bigger than my 3-year-old. Also if you have a big bedroom, it would be perfect to place. However my kid has a small room so hard to have space. Sometimes it needs to be put away because when my son passes by the bedroom he gets scared and thinks there’s a real person in the room.

It’s made in the USA and of sturdy laminated wood.

You can customize the doll by name, hair color, skin color, if you want her to have freckles, etc. Very cute and think it’s every girl’s dream to play big doll dress up.

Price is $69.95 and I can see it as really fun for older girls who are fashionistas.

My preschooler likes it but she has to stand on something to place the clothes onto the doll. Here she is with it.

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