Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Funky Stroller Accessories: City Grips


Stroller moms – there’s an different kind of way to keep the handlebars clean. City Grips provide comfort and cleanliness while you’re pushing your little one. Who doesn’t hate grime, dirt and germs when taking the stroller out? City Grips are removable, washable and come in select designs for single and double handlebars.

At first I was reluctant about this product. Is it useful or just decorative? However when I looked at the City Grips website and saw that you can also use them for shopping carts I was sold!

I would use them all the time at the supermarket. I feel better knowing that me and the children’s hands will be better protected from the germy carts. If you don’t have a shopping cart cover then City Grips is the next best thing. The price isn’t bad either at $12.95.





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