Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Apps: Miffy Goes Flying


If you adore Miffy and Friends, you’ll adore the iPad app that just launched.

Miffy Goes Flying was created in conjunction with Sanoma Media Netherlands and is available in Dutch and English.

“Miffy Goes Flying” sells for $4.99 and is suitable for children ages 2 and up. In the app, Miffy goes flying with her Uncle who owns an airplane. They go on a trip over land, forest and sea. Toddlers and young children can enjoy the story together with Dick Bruna’s distinctive, brightly-colored illustrations. They also can engage with interactive games, including sending an e-card to family and friends. Children will discover new words and learn to count in a fun way.

“Miffy Goes Flying” is an entertaining and educational iPad app developed especially with young children and toddlers in mind. Very young children will enjoy just listening to and watching the story, whereas older children can play the three interactive games which include using circular swiping movements to start the aeroplane’s propeller.

Interactive, educational and fun, the new Miffy app includes the following features:

• The app reads the story out loud, with lively animation which responds to a child’s touch.

• Parent and children can record their own voices reading the story.

• Three games:

o   Fly along with Uncle: move your iPad from left to right to catch all 12 stars.

o   In the sky or on the ground?   Do you know what belongs in the sky or on the ground? Drag every item to the ground or to the sky. A friendly voice gives explanations, encouragement and rewards.

o   Make your own card: make your own choice of what will be on the ground or in the sky. And then make a picture of it, and send it as an e-card.


OVERALL: My daugher is a Miffy fan so was very interested in reading the story. Best for preschoolers and easy to navigate through.


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