Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Summer Fun With Mattel Toys


Summer time is a time for play and why not have Mattel help you and the kids have some fun.

First up is the Barbie Design & Dress Studio.

Create your own four outfits for Barbie. In the package you get stickers, stencils and markers plus one Barbie. My 3-year-old easily designed her outfits (even though this toy is recommended for ages 5 and up) and fitted them on the doll with no problems. No cutting needed – just punch the dress out. The Barbie comes with a pink dress, necklace and high-heeled shoes. $21.99. Check out her looks!

(photo taken by 3-year-old)

The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid-Air Madness Set is a kid pleaser too. Just stick on the wall with the Command Strips by 3M included and let the cars fly. Placing it on the wall took no more than 15 minutes. The tape included does not leave any marks on the walls. However the only thing that did happen was that the tape got loose and when my son pulled on it – part of the paint on our wall came off. That said – make sure the wall is clean before you start sticking.

Since my son has another Wall Tracks he plans to attach it to this set (see photo of the one we put on the wall). NOTE: Some Hot Wheels cars do not work on the tracks so make sure you get the ones that do. $24.99

Below is the other Hot Wheels Wall Tracks we have. This set requires batteries.

Mattel also has come up with these summer ideas with these products.

Create a backyard fashion runway with the Barbie Design & Dress Studio using chalk and use a flashlight to follow the cars on a dark wall with the The Hot Wheels Wall Tracks Mid-Air Madness Set. Check out!

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