Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Summer Essentials: Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent


It’s summertime and we go to the pool almost everyday. I recently received two 1 oz bottles of Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent to try.

I’ve been washing our swimsuits in regular detergent causing the colors to fade. Roux Maison Swimwear Detergent is meant to care for these delicate items as it removes grime (sunscreen, chlorine, body oils, salts) and maintains elasticity, shape and color.

A set of 3 bottles is $14.50, A case of 12 is $55. I know…expensive!

Verdict: So far so good.  The clothes came out clean. You add 1/2 bottle to a full load or if cleaning by hand it will last you 4 – 5 hand washes. I wonder why the company didn’t create a large size bottle? Their other detergents are 16 oz. Also the swimwear detergent is only fragrance-free whereas the other detergents have scents ambrosia and sweet tea.

These little bottles are good for travel. They are little and pricey like I said. However, anything that will help the swimsuits of the season last longer I’ll use.

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