Friday, January 19th, 2018

I have no idea why I wasn’t using spray sunscreen before. I now keep a bottle of Kinseys in my handbag. The EarthKind SPF 30 is fragrance free (There is also Mango-Scented too). I just spray on me and the children before we go out and that’s it. They don’t complain either. With the lotion […]

The coolest bag my daughter has this summer is a yellow Sol Tote from Optari. Bright, durable, and functional these can be used anywhere. She likes to bring it to the pool where she puts her water toys in. It’s so easy to clean. On the bottom of this tote it looks like the bottom […]

It’s camp time again and Name Bubbles is the place to order name labels for the kids. Customizing is easy on the website. Follow the steps to choose style, palette, and icon and that’s it. My order arrived quickly! The labels are dishwasher safe and are waterproof! The labels will not come off! Stick them […]