Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Optari Sol Tote: Fun, Bright & Waterproof


The coolest bag my daughter has this summer is a yellow Sol Tote from Optari. Bright, durable, and functional these can be used anywhere.

She likes to bring it to the pool where she puts her water toys in. It’s so easy to clean. On the bottom of this tote it looks like the bottom of a shoe which is different. You can customize also by using their Fobbz and Min Fobbz charms collections as well. It’s $20 for the big tote and $15 for the small tote. If you add charms it’s $5 for each design. I personally like the Sol Tote without the charms.

Optari also sells Spikeletz, backpacks (which look awesome!) and wristlets. To buy you can order online on the Optari website. There is also a store locater.

Here are some of the young celebrities who are fans!

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