Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Get Stuck On Name Bubbles: Personalized Waterproof Labels


It’s camp time again and Name Bubbles is the place to order name labels for the kids. Customizing is easy on the website. Follow the steps to choose style, palette, and icon and that’s it. My order arrived quickly!

The labels are dishwasher safe and are waterproof! The labels will not come off! Stick them on clothes and they will stay on.

You can pick from various categories: camp, daycare, school. luggage, sports, college. There are baby bottle and allergy labels too.

The camp value packs I received contain labels for shoes, clothes, and generally can be used for all belongings. What I LOVE is that you can include a emergency contact number on some of the stickers. All camps and schools always need this info so it’s nice to have these already on the labels.

Visit and stock up for this summer and the coming school year.


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