Friday, January 19th, 2018

Child Development Toys From B Kids


I love the store Buybuy Baby. Whenever I pass it in Manhattan I always have to walk in and browse. Two products sent to me recently that are found at the site are the B Kids Amazing Mushroom and the B Kids Play With Me Gym.

The Amazing Mushroom was put together by my 3-year-old daughter. She knew where to place the pieces easily. That said – she has just as much playing with this toy as a child under two would.

This interactive toy has flashing lights and makes sounds. There are three balls that roll down and caterpillar buttons you can press. The mushroom top is detachable and can be used as a floor toy. The only thing I notice is that the top is wobbly and can be taken off easily so make sure you’re with your child to avoid it falling on him/her.

Overall I do like this toy because there are a good amount of features to discover and explore for a toddler. You can’t go wrong with the lights either. My 6-year-old plays with it like a spaceship. My daughter puts her baby doll on the handle and pretends she’s sitting at a table.

Amazing Mushroom is $49.99.

The B Kids Play With Me Gym is great for babies to lay on and nap or play. There are plenty of colors for visual stimulation. The overhead canopy has crunchy leaves and has room for dangling toys. Overall – a cheerful accessory to bring to the park or just have at home. I also think the more dangling and attachable toys you add to this is better.

This is recommended for newborns to babies up to ten months.

Play With Me Gym retails for $49.99 (pricey but makes a nice baby shower gift)

The B Kids line is part of Blue Box, an award winning toy company, designed to help build key sensory, physical and learning skills.Other toys available from the brand and sold at are the following:

Go with Me Arch $24.99

Soft Peek A Boo Blocks $14.99

Elephant Hoop $19.99

Golf Stack n Roll $14.99

Light & Sound Tubes $19.99

Grow Play Station  $49.99

Play with me Pals $19.00

Race Around Fun Park Playset $19.99


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