Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Say Bye-Bye To Sand: Sand-Off


Here is a product the whole family can use – Sand-Off. This is a terry cloth mitt that has an all-natural, talcum-free patented powder formula infused. Giving you up to 40 uses – its purpose is to get the sand of the body and leaving it at the beach. The site says it dispenses the powder formula evenly and gets excellent body coverage.

There’s no scent, it’s hassle free and convenient to bring along. And it’s not expensive. Sand-Off will work despite suntan lotion and perspiration. I haven’t tried my pair out yet since we haven’t been to the beach. I’m going to though this summer. I will take their word for it since the video on the site looks convincing. What I do presume is that it will be easy to cajole the kids to use Sand-Off. It looks like a bath mitt after all.

Single Pack – $7.99

3 pack – $21.99

6 pack – $39.99

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