Saturday, February 17th, 2018

Grab A Scab: Stick & Go Fabric Patches


I just got some some samples of Grab A Scab and am singing tears of joy. These are fabric patches that stick to holes in your clothes. I’m not a sewing person so these are perfect! Many times I had to throw away my son’s pants because they had holes at the knees. I think these patches will make the use of future pairs last longer.

They come in dozens of designs for girls and boys. Best of all, Scabs can be used on just about anything- notebooks, backpacks. They are also machine washable- once stuck they stay in place.

The other day my daughter said she had a little rip in her leggings. So I had her choose a Grab A Scab to place on it. She put the Happy Face Grab A Scab on and here is her modeling the “fixed” leggings.

Prices go up to $5.50. The designs include american flag, anti-bullying, groovy, butterflies, monsters. Personally I only wish there were more modern and stylish looking designs.

These are convenient, functional and again…will make your child’s favorite clothes last longer. I am a fan!


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