Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Books: Carl Warner’s ‘A World Of Food’


Once in awhile there comes a book that totally wows me. A World of Food is one of them. London photographer Carl Warner is best known for his miniature landscapes made entirely of edible ingredients. In his latest book you’ll see 12 of his amazing pictures.

Each photograph concentrates on one color. There’s yellow in which a desert is made of pasta palm trees cereal sand, and swiss cheese pyramids. Then there’s the Orange photo featureing pumpkins, an orange juice river, carrot trees and apricot leaves. It’s not a quick page turner – find and locate what foods your kids can find. My personal favorite is the brown one of the chocolate covered train.

A World of Food is a creative artsy book and may even encourage kids to know more about their veggies!

Published by Abrams Books of Young Readers. Retail price is $17.95.

I recommend this book for adults too!

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