Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Office Candy Puts “The Wow” In Office Supplies


Who doesn’t love pretty looking things? Especially when it comes to office supplies. For work or at home – the products sells are fun, colorful and will cheer any space up.

The people behind Office Candy write on their site: “Our philosophy here at Office Candy is that we like to have a good time at work and life is too short for boring file folders.  We put these two ideas together and decided to build a business that could share them with you.  We think that even the most mundane task should be fun!  Whether it is our decorative file folders or an adorable task pad, we bring you the latest, greatest, funnest and most fashionable office supplies around.”

Well, I think they did a great job and putting the essential products for organizing.

From Lilly Pulitzer notebooks ($7) to Jamie Raquel file totes ($60)  to Cavalini File Folders ($18) – these items are eye-catching.

There’s also clipboards, notebooks and the ever useful Macbeth Collection Step Stool ($25) ! I received  one and I’m going to use it for years I know it.  I have always wanted one because I can never reach top kitchen cabinets or top shelves of closets. Colorful and functional – the step stool folds and has a handle so you can store away easily. The best price ever too!

Visit and I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself or for someone a a gift.


2 Responses to “Office Candy Puts “The Wow” In Office Supplies”
  1. Antonietta Starns says:

    I always buy my office supplies online because the price is cheaper. :

    Please do go look at our new web page

  2. Julie says:

    OMG I am obsessed! Stationery and cute office supplies are in my blood haha. My fave stores are home goods, Barnes, target and

    Just discovered MogulBaby and I love it!