Sunday, January 21st, 2018

Crawlings Spring 2012 Kneepads Have The Cutest Designs


Crawlings new Spring 2012 knee pads are here! With 11 new embroidered designs – Crawlings kneepads give your child extra protection while they explore.

Founded by sisters and new mothers, Tina Dowden and Hailey Kim, Crawlings was born out of necessity.

“As our babies were learning to crawl their knees were always red, bruised, and scratched from the carpet, tile orhardwood floors,” says Dowden. “We tried to find a product in the marketplace that would protect their little knees without hindering their mobility. After months of searching, we decided to design and make exactly what was needed to help our babies as they became more mobile.”

You can wear Crawlings inside and outdoors. Made of premium cotton, EVA foam and spandex, the kneepad is soft, stretchable and breathable, designed to move and growth the child.

They retail for under $20.

Overall: Cute designs and feels comfortable. My experience with a similar product is that they weren’t worn often. However – every child is different and yours might love to crawl in theirs all the time. Take a look at the Crawlings website and see what you think. They fit from 6 months – 2 years. I think these are perfect as a baby shower gift.

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