Thursday, January 18th, 2018

App: Pip The Penguin Is Now An eBook


I’ve never heard of the Pip the Penguin books until I downloaded the app Draw Along Pip to the iPad recently. Pip the Penguin has so far sold 600,000 copies in hard cover worldwide, and has been translated into Japanese, Swedish and French. Now it’s an eBook thanks to the development team at Ottawa-based Skyreader.

Skyreader had made Pip interactive by adding a draw-along feature. Reading through the story – a child can just “rub” inside the dotted lines and the drawings will appear. Follow along and have Pip discover what friendly animals are hiding in his house. Great entertainment for a child under five.

Author Leslie McGuirk says, “It is vital for an artist and writer to be inspired, and I love how Skyreader Media has turned a linear book into an immersive exploration for young readers. The new draw-along technology that allows a child to use the iPad’s touch screen to draw characters and objects that pop to life with sound and movement transforms Pip the Penguin into a multimedia experience I couldn’t have imagined even a few years ago.”

Skyreader’s eBook version of Pip the Penguin is available now from Apple’s App Store

Anyone can access several videos about Skyreader and the new app at

Overall: A+ for fun, interactivity and cuteness

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