Wednesday, February 21st, 2018

Lili Couture: Stylish Baby Wipe Containers


It’s nice to have fancy looking baby wipe containers which is why I really like the concept of Lili Couture.

The company was started by a mom who was an accomplished interior designer. With three boys she knew that these products would be a hit. And I can understand why. It can be daunting to bring around diapers and accessories around while out of the house. I think Lil Couture containers make it more pleasant while struggling to keep the baby on a changing table in the women’s restroom.

The wipe containers that fit in diaper bags are $21 and the big containers are $31. She even sells on-the-go changing mats which are $20.

The only advice I have is that I wish Lil Couture tags were embroidered on the designs. Otherwise, these make cute, affordable baby shower gifts!

Credit: Rachel Florio PR

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